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Sat's Classes(10/1/2003-6/19/2007) plus some Retreats Videos, 
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Video Edited
I am I  view now 10/1/2003  
Exercise  view now 11/23/2003  
Enlightened Buddha view now 1/25/2004  
Just Be view now 5/1/2004  
Cruelty view now 5/18/2004  
Light Meditation (Part 1) view now 6/1/2004  
What is Happiness (Part 2) view now 6/1/2004  
Who You Are view now 6/8/2004  
Compassion view now 8/3/2004  
To Be view now 9/14/2004  
Ego Be Nothing view now 9/27/2004  
Stop Meditation view now 12/1/2004  
Christ Consciousness view now 12/27/2004  
Peace Part 1 & 2 view now 2005  
Trust Meditation view now 1/11/2005  
Stop Prioritize Meditation view now 2/22/2005  
Asatoma Meditation view now 3/1/2005  
Why was I Born? view now 3/8/2005  
Two Cups view now 4/1/2005  
Shakti 1 view now 4/5/2005  
Shakti 2 view now 4/12/2005  
Silence MeditationI-II-III  view now 4/19/2005  
Supply Meditation view now 4/26/2005  
Home Meditation view now 5/17/2005  
Time Meditation view now 6/1/2005  
Persian-Baraye che Aumade eim view now 6/5/2005  
Trust Meditation 2 view now 6/7/2005  
Karma Meditation view now 6/14/2005  
Self Confidence view now 6/21/2005  
In the World but not of it view now 6/28/2005  
Laughing Review Meditation view now 7/12/2005  
Omnipresent Meditation view now 8/2/2005  
Day Dream & Night Dream view now 8/9/2005  
Spiritual Healing Meditation 1 view now 8/16/2005  
Spiritual Healing Meditation 2 view now 8/23/2005  
Mask Contemplative Meditation view now 8/30/2005  
Contemplative Meditation 
Language of the Heart view now
Tools for Pain and Suffering view now 9/12/2005  
Home Kingdom Within view now 9/20/2005  
Permutations Natural State view now 9/27/2005  
Stop Discrimination view now 10/4/2005  
Stop/Art of Living Tools view now 10/11/2005  
Orange Peeling view now 10/18/2005  
Luggage view now 10/25/2005  
Be Still & Know That I am God view now 11/8/2005  
Natural State view now 11/15/2005  
Thanksgiving view now 11/22/2005  
Spring Cleaning view now 11/29/2005  
Whatever Addiction view now 12/6/2005  
Death & Born Again view now 12/20/2005  
"Love Self, Understand Self" view now 1/3/2006  
Stop Mind Conversation view now 1/17/2006  
Persian Retreat a.m, Part1&2,  view now 1/20/2006  
Persian Retreat, p.m., Q & A view now" 1/20/2006  
Persian Retreat Meditation & Judgment view now 1/21/2006  
Persian Retreat Just Be, Part1&2&3 view now 1/22/2006  
Collecting Rain view now 1/31/2006  
Invitation to Silence view now 2/14/2006  
Sweepers in a Green Kingdom view now 3/23/2006  
Ignore the World view now 3/28/2006  
Trust And Let go view now 4/4/2006  
Reading the Mind view now 4/11/2006  
Seed of Omniscience view now 4/18/2006  
First Be Then Do view now 4/25/2006  
Be Still & Know view now 5/2/2006  
End the Struggle view now 5/16/2006  
Are you Man or Woman view now 5/23/2006  
Opening Lotus view now 5/30/2006  
Play Dead view now 6/6/2006  
Two Bottles view now 6/13/2006  
Freedom Peace of Cake view now 6/20/2006  
Watch the Seer view now 6/27/2006  
You Can't Serve Two Masters view now 7/11/2006  
Reno Ret. Satsang with Sat Part 1&2 view now 7/15/2006  
Reno Ret. Pain & Suffering Part 1&2 view now 7/15/2006  
Reno Ret. Part1&2 view now 7/16/2006  
Inner Voice Dispels Twoness view now 7/18/2006  
Man or Woman Witness view now 8/1/2006  
Awareness of Silence view now 8/8/2006  
"I Know Nothing, One Master" view now 8/15/2006  
Malibu Ret. Meditation Tools Part 1&2 view now 8/20/2006  
Certainty and Uncertainty view now 8/29/2006  
Evelyn view now 9/5/2006  
Effortless Attention to Silence view now 9/19/2006  
Too Mentally Active view now 9/26/2006  
Practice Contemplative Meditation view now 10/3/2006  
See with a Single Eye view now 10/10/2006  
Spiritual IV view now 10/17/2006  
Undo Prison of the Mind view now 11/9/2006  
See the Seer view now 11/14/2006  
Persian Interview Question & Answer view now 11/19/2006  
Desire and Black and White view now 12/5/2006  
Jnana & Bhakti view now 12/12/2006  
Meek Shall Inherit the Earth view now 12/19/2006  
Dignity view now 1/2/2007  
I IS view now 1/9/2007  
Arizona Retreat a.m. Part 1&2 view now 1/26/2007  
Arizona Retreat a.m. Part 1&2 view now 1/27/2007  
Arizona Retreat pm view now 1/27/2007  
Arizona Retreat a.m. Part 1&2 view now 1/28/2007  
Dealing with Stuff view now 2/6/2007  
Love is view now 2/13/2007
Attention view now 2/20/2007  
Attention & Witness view now 2/27/2007  
Understanding and Desire view now 3/6/2007  
Oval Energy view now 3/13/2007  
Trust & Fasting view now 3/20/2007  
Shiva Shakti view now 3/27/2007  
Light Meditation & Silence view now 3/28/2007  
Healing Consciousness view now 4/3/2007  
Truth Only view now 4/4/2007  
Not in This World view now 4/10/2007  
Report Card view now 4/11/2007  
Loyalty to the Self view now 4/17/2007  
Integration view now 4/24/2007  
Spiritual Healing Setup view now 5/1/2007  
I in the Midst of Me is Mighty view now 5/8/2007  
Depth or Surface view now 5/9/2007  
Are YOU with me view now 5/15/2007  
More are YOU with me view now 5/16/2007  
Class ends view now 6/19/2007  
Comeh Haghighat 
The story behind 
Elhumi az Nazzanine view now
Abzare Meditationsview now

video haye abzare meditations betor jodagane

Bodrum 2011 
Friday Am Satsang  view now
Bodrum 2011 
Friday Lunch  view now
Bodrum 2011 
Friday Pm Satsang-Bhajan-Offering gift view now
Bodrum 2011 
Sat Pm Study Circle - Love view now
Bodrum 2011 
Sun Pm Satsang Hotel Lobby view now
Bodrum 2011 
Tue Am Satsang Are You With Me view now
Reno Retreat Farsi 
Entertainment Program view now
Reno Retreat English 
Entertainment Program view now
Reno Retreat 
Repeated Thoughts Satsang view now
Reno Retreat 
Stillness Night Dream Satsang view now
Reno Retreat 
Grace of God Satsang view now
Reno Retreat 
Play-The Child Leaving Home view now
Reno Retreat 
Prank - After Play - New player view now
Bodrum 2012 
Fri Pm Sept 14 Arrival view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 15 Satsang  view now
Bodrum 2012 
FDE Satsang Just Be view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 16 Understanding Religion view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 16 Performance view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 17 Satsang view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 18 Adult Meeting view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 18 FDE Meeting view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 18 Satsang view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 18 Performance view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 19 Satsang view now
Bodrum 2012 
Sept 19 FDE view now

1st Birthday Ritual for Children view now

5th Birthday Ritual for Children view now