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I was given the opportunity to write a few lines about the book Shakti Rose I and the author. 

This book simply directs the readers to themselves. It gives perspective to whatís real and what is not. The poems are deeply mystical yet so simple; this gives them a natural beauty. Every word in the poems is well chosen to undress the foolishness of Maya and the infiniteness of the Self. It gives a boost of awakening to those that read the poems and contemplates on them. I received each poem from the author as it would manifest within the author, therefore I watched this process from the very beginning. These poems are eternal truth, and therefore can not get old or useless, as they are the essence of every ones journey to the Self.

I highly recommend for those who have read the Most Precious book to get the Shakti Rose book. They go hand in hand in keeping the integrity of the highest truth by being able to offer it in simple yet profound words.

I feel privileged to have had the authorís friendship.